(* indicates presentation by co-author)


Exploring the emergence of the commercial drone industry with Mahka Moeen.

[1] Shermon, A., Moeen, M. "Zooming Out or Zooming In? Entrants’ Product Portfolios in the Nascent Drone Industry" (R&R at Strategic Management Journal) 

  • Awards & Nominations: Nominated for Best Paper at SMS Frankfurt Special Conference 2019

  • Presentations: SMS Paris Annual Conference (2018)*, SMS Frankfurt Special Conference (2019)*, Academy of Management (Boston, 2019), Bocconi Assembly for Innovation and Cooperation (2019)*, Utah-BYU Winter Strategy Conference (2020)*, Strategy Science Conference (2020)*, Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Workshop (2020)*, SMS Online Annual Conference (2020)

[2] Shermon, A., Moeen, M. "Inventing for Legitimacy: Evidence from the Nascent Drone Industry"

(data collection & analysis)


[3] Shermon, A. "Allying to Develop and Commercialize: Evidence from the Emerging General-Purpose Graphene Industry" (data collection & analysis)