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Shermon, A., Moeen, M. "Zooming in or zooming out: Entrants’ product portfolios in the nascent drone industry." Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.

Work in Progress

Shermon, A. "Carbon Everywhere: How Markets for Technology and Pre-Entry Experiences Shape Startups’ Inventive Activity with New General-Purpose Technologies" (working paper)

Shermon, A. "Dynamics of Startup Alliance Formation with New General-Purpose Technologies: Evidence from Graphene Startups" (re-writing manuscript) 

Shermon, A., Moeen, M., & Bingham, C. "Inventing for Legitimacy: Evidence from the Nascent Drone Industry" (data collection & analysis)

Awards & Grants

Peggy Lee (PhD ’97) – Sunil Wahal (PhD ’95) Award (2022)
Research Grant, Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise (2020)
Dissertation Research Grant, Strategy Research Foundation (2019)
​Finalist, Best Paper at SMS Frankfurt Special Conference (2019)

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