I am currently exploring the emergence of the commercial drone industry with Mahka Moeen.

[1] Shermon, A., Moeen, M. "Zooming Out or Zooming In? Entrants’ Product Market Breadth in the Nascent Drone Industry" (R&R at Strategic Management Journal) 

  • Awards & Nominations: Nominated for Best Paper at SMS Frankfurt Special Conference 2019

  • Presentations: SMS Paris Annual Conference (2018)*, SMS Frankfurt Special Conference (2019)*, Academy of Management (Boston, 2019), Bocconi Assembly for Innovation and Cooperation (2019)*, Utah-BYU Winter Strategy Conference (2020)*, Strategy Science Conference (2020)*, Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Workshop (2020)*

[2] Shermon, A., Moeen, M. "Inventing for Legitimacy: Evidence from the Nascent Drone Industry"

(data collection & analysis)

  • Presentations: East Coast Doctoral Conference (2020 - cancelled due to COVID-19), Academy of Management (Vancouver, 2020)


What is it?

First physically isolated in 2004, graphene is a 2-D sheet of carbon. It has been noted as the wonder material of the 21st century for its remarkable physical properties. Not only is it the thinnest and lightest substance ever known, but also the strongest (more than 100 times stronger than steel with tensile strength around 130 gigapascals). Graphene’s atomic structure also makes it a great conductor, allowing it to transport electricity nearly 200 times faster than silicon.

[3] Shermon, A. "Sourcing Upstream Technologies: Implications of Underdeveloped Markets for Technology in the Graphene Industry" (data collection & analysis) 

(* indicates presentation by co-author)

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